Boys and Girls Club Interview

Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club of Rochester Interview Questions:

  1. Are the children of the boys and girls club of all diversities/ages/gender? Do you ever find cultural separations between them?

Very high diversity. 37% African American. 32% caucasion 20% Spanish speaking. Gender: 52% male, 48% female. 6-18 years old, although they are working on having birth to 18 at some point. There is a temporary group of Spanish speaking children from New Mexico students (group of 35) for the summer. I asked if there was any language barrier struggle and they have a Spanish speaking staff member.

  1. Is it hard finding volunteers to help the Boys and Girls Club?

They have a volunteer coordinator. She is very good at getting people to come in. Have about 5-6 volunteers come in each day. Volunteers are great positive role models, and have programs for each. One of the best things about volunteers is the 9 month commitment, which benefits the children because they start looking up to the consistent role models in their lives.

Education program: power hour for tutoring during the school year and has the goal 1 on 1 tutoring. “Bridge the gap”. They are working with principals and teachers to create a curriculum book to know where the students are in school and what homework they have.

  1. How many people work here, and what are the most crucial duties of day-to-day activities?

Members a day: Numbers double in summer- 130 and 75 during school year.

7 program staff. And 3 full time people: Program coordinator for health and life, education and volunteer coordinator. 2 bus drivers that bus students from school to the club.

  1. Where does funding come from?

Non-profit. Transportation is hard with budget cuts, or they will be picked up and brought home. The membership fee is only $10 a year per child, but adds up with so many members.

There is a lot of grant money, federal funding, and donations.

  1. What are some ways that the community contributes to the success of the Boys and Girls Club?

Partnerships with schools, different businesses, Panara bread supplies some dinners, grocery stores. A lot of community involvement. Gas station giving free freezes during the summer. The community is very supportive and wants to help as much as possible. There is a small science area in the building where they learn agriculture and also have a donated large garden down the road.

  1. Would you say the community involvement is one of the main contributors?

Yes, definitely.

  1. Why does Rochester need multiple campuses?

Neighborhood based center- Rochester is huge, so having multiple brings more community involvement and opportunities.

  1. How does the Boys and Girls Club link to Rochester Schools?

Buses take students from school to club, curriculum book to help, power hour, and students are encouraged from schools to join.

  1. How would someone get involved?

Phone call.  Volunteer coordinator.  United way. They have interviews, orientations and they have high expectations. 9 month commitment.

10. Do you have a lot of connections with teachers of Rochester Schools?

Buses have drop offs to the campus.


Additional Notes:

*non profit

Serve breakfast lunch and dinner.

Club pays for employee’s college scholarship rides. Full rides, different donators.

Get bad reputation of having troubled youth, when really a lot of the children are fantastic and extremely involved, as well as great students.


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