Introductory Essay

I am an extremely passionate and energetic person. I love to be outdoors, and yes, even in the winter! Minnesota is a great place to live, and I enjoy all of the seasons we get to experience. I won’t live here forever, though. I plan to move west with the rest of my family once I graduate.

Now that I’ve mentioned my family, I am on of 5 kids and I am the youngest. I have 3 brothers and one sister. My parents are both teachers, along with my oldest brother. I guess you could consider it a family business. My mom is by far my best friend in the world, she is a wonderful person and has been the most influential person to me throughout my schooling experience. This picture is of my dad who past when I was only 5 years old. This little shrine was created by my brother this past year on the anniversary of his death.

I love music. I have such a wide variety of music, and have a talent of being able to remember lyrics after only listening to a song once. I like to look at all music as a story, or a poem. I love to read and write as well. I doubt many people would consider shopping a hobby, but I definitely enjoy a nice shopping spree every now and then. Museums are my secret get away. I can get lost in art for hours. Andy Warhol, among others, is my all time favorite artist.

My favorite piece of art.

I am such a people person, and I like to surround myself with positive people. My best friend and I are two peas in a pod, and have been inseparable since 7th grade, and have been through our fair share of ups and downs, but all of them have only made our friendship stronger. My friends and family are my life, and I would go out of my way to make any of them happy at any moment of any day.

Jokes of the day are the highlight to all of my social networks (i.e facebook and twitter). Silly jokes can brighten anyone’s day, and I am happy to be the one to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Q:What kind of dance do you do on a trampoline?

A: Hip hop!

Could you imagine growing up with out an education? Schools are the fundamental foundation of childhood. Most memories take place in school, and the ideal person spends at least 12 years in attendance. Living in the United States, I believe people take advantage of how far we can go with a great education. Our education system has its many flaws, and I think it is up to the future educators of America to make it more successful. Education can benefit anyone and everyone if they let it. School might not be for everyone, but it can certainly be a means to an end if necessary.

Regardless of where you live, schools influence society and the community whether you realize it or not. Most importantly, the school system can shape the community. Although this is unfortunately a negative influence in some areas of our country, it is important to prioritize this assumption and make it a positive outcome. A positive community, education system, and environment will create an overall successful society.

I believe students take onto role models very easily. As a future educator, my main focus (besides academic success of my students) will be to influence my students to want to be successful. If I show excitement in my lessons and the content being taught, my students will, in turn, share the same enthusiasm.

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