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Examples of Learning and Practice According to MN State Standards

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Reflection 1
Reflection 2
Reflection 3
Reflection 4
Reflection 5
Reflection 6

Standard 1: Subject Matter

Demonstrates my artistic ability

Standard 2: Student Learning

A glimpse into my method

Addresses importance of materials suitable for student learning

Standard 3: Diverse Learners

Shows two ways of perceiving

Standard 4: Instructional Strategies

A metacognitive approach to teaching

Standard 5: Learning Environment

Describes layout and class management

Standard 6: Communication

Explains method of communicating with students

Vocalizing of reading as thinking cued by text

Standard 7: Planning Instruction

Lesson organization shown and explained

Standard 8: Assessment

Examples determine use of text and technology

Standard 9: Professional Development

Describes self-motivated professional growth

Standard 10: Collaboration, Ethics, and Relationships

Outlines past experiences requiring personable skills

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